Toggle Guide




The purpose of this document is to help you install the Toggle plugin in order to view neverhitsend and Toggle Fellow activities. More information about Toggle can be found here:




The Toggle plugin is available for free in the Chrome store. Updates will be installed automatically. Follow these instructions to enable Toggle:


1.         In your Chrome browser, navigate to:

2.         A new tab will open and a window prompt will appear. Click the blue button at the top right of the window that says “ADD TO CHROME.”

3.         A prompt will appear that says “Add Toggle.” Click Add.

4.         A prompt notifying you that Toggle has been added to Chrome will appear, pointing to a black square icon.

5.         You are now ready to use Toggle.


Viewing (and finding) projects


To view Toggle activities, enter a designated URL into the address bar. URLs sorted by project and Fellow can be found at A complete list of URLs can be found on the Toggle metapage of


Once you find a designated URL, click the black square icon to the right of the address bar. A dropdown menu will appear. Select “Viewer” to see the URLs Toggle metapage. For each URL, you can toggle between Viewer mode by clicking the black square icon and non-Toggle mode by clicking the white X in the upper right corner of the metapage.